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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow man, great

I always love these Tower defence games (like the ones from Warcraft and stuff) and now someone made a flash version!
I can tell this took you a lot of effort. Must have been hard to program!
(like letting the game notice when something is blocking)
Graphics were great as well. Gameplay was nearly perfect.
Great game!


Three dancing fairies Three dancing fairies

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Is it just me or doesnt it work?...

I can't do anything. I move and drag my mouse around... pressed keys on my keyboard... nothing happens :S

Nice 3d models though, What you used? 3dmax or Maya?

-Grav Ball- -Grav Ball-

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not your own concept

This is a lot like Ball: Revamped
But here the controls are waayyyyyyyyy to sensitive... so tweak that.
Also, i don't like the graphics, the explosion is ok though. And the song is a bit anoying.


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QWERTY Warriors QWERTY Warriors

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Such a simple concept, but wonderfully executed. Great game :D
I've had plans for a game like this one too, but never made it.
Good job :D


The Tutorial Collab '06 The Tutorial Collab '06

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nice tutorial collab

This was pretty nice. Artists collaborating to bring a good tutorial.
But it did let me down a bit.
First off... the graphics...:
The layout just isn't working that well... you should have thought about it a bit more.
The layout does represent the feel of the tutorial good though.
But still pretty descent, just not that great.

About the tutorial itself:
A lot of subjects! Great it has a lot of Actionscript, since that was the one thing i didnt have a lot of in ultimate tutorial 2. So that is probably why a lot of people might go using this tutorial.
You might explain everything a bit more in depth though.
But good job on the actionscript parts :)

A few more things;
Some of the sections felt kinda rushed... like swift 3d... i mean c'mon... only bout 5 pages on that? i doubt anybody learned swift 3d because of it.
Seems like you were trying more to focus on flash (which is not a bad thing though, but if you add a swift 3d, fruity loops, etc.. section, make it worth it... else just leave it out of there)

Overall a good tutorial, despirte a few cons. But still one of the best tutorials newgrounds has to offer.
Good job all.


Depredation responds:

Wow, some helpful stuff there. It's great to have a good review from the best tut writer on NG :D.

I had to make the layout simple, but i agree, it's flawed. I will work harder on a perfect layout next time and plan around the extras/bonuses. Instead of changing them at the last minute.

The swift 3D Section will be added to. I had to release when the author was abset, so he didn't have time to complete them. I do agree though, some tuts are prety tiny :O.

Thank you overall. It's a good review, lots of stuff to improve on :D.



Ultimate Pie Theft Ultimate Pie Theft

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

its just pacman....

Sorry... but it's just plain old pacman with some Weeble and Bob characters... and theres not even music!
and the voices anoy me... in the movies they are cool, but in this game they are just anoying.


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Oddworld-Choose Pleasure Oddworld-Choose Pleasure

Rated 3 / 5 stars

graphics are good

But its kinda pointless, and doesnt have much animation in it, and the dieing animations that are in it aren't that great.
But nice graphics.
Music is good as well.


alio-big-mac responds:

well adleast you liked the graphics

3d Doom Tribute Demo 3d Doom Tribute Demo

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice 3d game

Used actionscript 3 beta probably eh? Makes it run faster.
Anyways, nice game, but it still has some bugs, like pop-ups, things disappearing, and you dont always need to hit the enemy to kill it.

And to that Derrie guy who reviewed before me:
It doesnt lag, your comp is just slow or you dont have flashplayer 9 installed.


wild8900 responds:

Well actualy I use AS2 and Flashstudio 8. You just have a really good computer =P
Also, there is a bit of lag, there is a bit of time between the player moving and the objects and walls calculating the new position and direction. Im working at it.

Platform Game Maker Platform Game Maker

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey... cool :D

That's pretty sweet. You can make your own platformer without having to script it yourself. Must have taken you some time to make, and i know what you mean by flash going slow... My King of Buttons 3 file is going slow as hell as well (sometimes i have to wait like 5 seconds for something to happen...)

Original concept!

But there are a few cons though.
1: The graphics are pretty bad... You should have puten more time into that :(

2: The physics are kinda... off. It's like you are walking on the moon

3: When you put your character in top of the screen, you can't move.

I hope you will make a second part once where you will have better graphics and even more options (it had a shitload already though)
Good game (or should i say program? lol). liked it.


Chris responds:

lol thanks, i agree with graphics, i'm an awful drawer though.

also, i think the second part will be for making a differnt type of game, seeing as with platformers theres only so much you can do. without remaking older stuff you know what i mean? also, my new idea is better suited to the style of game.

E3 2005 Report E3 2005 Report

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


one of the nintendo pics you had wasn't a fake console... it was the Panasonic Q
It's a gamecube with a DVD player inside it.