Entry #3

My vimeo and youtube acount

2011-12-27 06:01:29 by GAMECUBICLE

If you like to see all my latest work, please visit timvanhelsdingen.com


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2012-02-22 15:22:34

Hey! Great to see that that planet project finally came out! Glad to have the chance to work with you. Any chance I could get you to add me as a Voice Artist in the project so the credit can be added to my NG resume? Thanks so much!

(Updated ) GAMECUBICLE responds:

O sure, I didn't know what you NG profile was, but i'll add it now :)
And thanks a lot for the voice over!


2014-11-10 06:05:24

hey ik kom uit belgie nu weet je hoe het komt dat ik verstaa ik ben een fan van jou filmpjes ik ben 9


2014-11-10 06:07:27

ik ben een fan van jou filmpjes